Retrieval Augmented Generation
Title Speaker Date Description
Back to Basics for RAG Jo Bergum Jul 2, 2024 Adding context-sensitive information to LLM prompts through retrieval is a popular technique to boost accuracy. This talk will cover the fundamentals of information retrieval (IR) and the failure modes of vector embeddings for retrieval and provide practical solutions to avoid them. Jo demonstrates how to set up simple but effective IR evaluations for your data, allowing faster exploration and…
Beyond the Basics of RAG Ben Clavié Jun 12, 2024 LLMs are powerful, but have limitations: their knowledge is fixed in their weights, and their context window is limited. Worse: when they don’t know something, they might just make it up. RAG, for Retrieval Augmented Generation, has emerged as a way to mitigate both of those problems. However, implementing RAG effectively is more complex than it seems. The nitty gritty parts of what makes good…
Systematically improving RAG applications Jason Liu Jul 10, 2024 In this talk, we will teach you approaches that anybody can apply to improve their RAG applications.
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